Jonah Hill poses the vital question lots of 'Sex and the City' fans are asking after reboot premiere

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Jonah Hill joined the hoards of “Sex and the City” super fans this week with one common question about a certain ending of the first episode of “And Just Like That…,” which had viewers reeling.

Warning: This post contains spoilers.

After a fairly blissful start to kick off the sequel series to the HBO classic, viewers witnessed Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw, come home to find her husband, John James Preston (known as Mr. Big), collapsed in the shower from a heart attack. Carrie immediately rushes over to Big to embrace him, but that’s really all viewers see from the character before she announces in a voiceover, “And just like that, Big died.”

In screenshot of a note app the actor shared on Instagram, Hill asked what everyone was thinking after they finished the episode: “But why didn’t Carrie call 911 immediately?!”

Fans and fellow celebrities in the comments exchanged discourse surrounding the subject, though overwhelmingly everyone thought the same after watching.

InStyle magazine editor-in-chief Laura Brown wrote, “And just like that she didn’t call 911.”

“Exactly my thoughts,” Rumer Willis commented.

“MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION. SHE RUINED HER SHOES INSTEAD,” one fan commented, referring to the royal blue Manolo Blahnik Hangisi shoes she wore for her wedding.

Another fan wrote, “I didn’t even get sad bc I was so annoyed she didn’t call immediately lol."

Why didn’t Carrie call 911?

The devastating moment might have just been an artistic choice made the show runner, Michael Patrick King.

“Entertainment Tonight” correspondent Lauren Zima had an answer to all those wondering the same as Hill after asking King the same question herself.

“I asked Michael Patrick King this today — he told me the moment is slowed down — they stretched what would’ve actually been a split second for Carrie to a longer moment so we’d all feel the pain,” she explained in the comments.

Even still, some strong opinions on the matter were shared across social media after the episode premiered on Thursday, Dec. 9.

One fan wrote on Twitter, "Big waited for Carrie to get home just for her to go into shock and not call 911."

"Carrie not calling an ambulance for Big is worse than Rose not letting Jack on the door in Titanic," another fan tweeted. "I said what I said."

"Why didn’t Carrie call 911, get the aspirin, get the nitro, anything to try to save him," another Twitter user wrote. "The length of time she just stood there was agonizing."

Another added in a tweet, "Was anyone else yelling at Carrie to call 911 instead of kiss on dying Mr. Big?"

After reports earlier this year that Chris Noth, 67, would not be returning as Big in the reboot, WarnerMedia made the announcement at the end of May that those rumors were false and Noth would reprise his role after all.

Fans might have been lulled into a sense of security after the characters’ tumultuous relationship throughout the show’s run between 1998 and 2004, and its subsequent movies in 2008 and 2010. After their on-and-off again relationship proceeded for years, the couple finally got their happy ending at the end of “Sex and the City 2" and all seemed well.

Over the summer, Parker, 56, and Noth even played up their characters’ romance, sharing adorable photos from set of the fictional couple.

“These 2,” Parker wrote in the caption of her post. “I bet they stay out late tonight.”

Fans revisited the post from August, with one writing, “You lied and broke our hearts.”

Noth was even photographed shooting numerous scenes as well — including one at his character;'s funeral — all of which were staged to throw off paparazzi and deceive fans that he was more involved with the reboot than in reality.

“Chris was really pleased with the collaboration and we’re both very happy with the daring choice to have Mr. Big come back and go, so much so that he even put on a suit and came to the funeral when we were taping,” King told Deadline. "And I wrote a fake scene, so he and Sarah Jessica (Parker) put on costumes. He said to me, ‘You really want me to put a face of makeup on and come down and shoot a fictional scene at my funeral?’ I go, ‘Yeah,’ because I really wanted the audience to be as surprised as possible before we did it. And that was one of the red herrings that we threw into the mix. He’s great. And he’s great in the show. I mean, if you’re going to die that’s the episode to die in.”