Jordanian’s doll project helps preserve Arab heritage

A passion for fashion and dolls inspired this woman to create a project that could help preserve and promote Arab heritage.

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) FOUNDER OF 'MADEENA' THE DOLL, DIMA ABU QAOUD, SAYING: "The 'Madeena' project is about old traditional dolls that wear either Jordanian or Palestinian dresses which come from different areas. The aim of the project is to preserve heritage."

The project employs Jordanian women and girls who earn an income making traditional clothes for the dolls.

Abu Qaoud frequents Tiraz for inspiration.

It is a museum in Jordan with the largest collection of traditional dresses from the region.

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) MEMBER OF THE PROJECT, BUSHRA AL ABAIDI, SAYING: "You know this is the heritage and identity of the country. We have to preserve it. It should not vanish and it should continue because it is our identity. We also help these women support themselves because they are underprivileged."

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