Josh Bell still possesses plenty of fantasy upside

NBC Sports EDGE's D.J. Short highlights why Josh Bell still has plenty of power upside for fantasy managers in a strong Nationals lineup.

Video Transcript

DJ SHORT: Nationals slugger Josh Bell had a lot of momentum in fantasy drafts this spring, after coming over from the Pirates in a trade during the offseason. New situation, with more of a supporting cast. The Nationals reportedly spotted a mechanical flaw they intended to fix. So the narrative was really right there, if you wanted to believe it. It certainly helped that Bell had a wonderful spring, as well. Unfortunately, Bell got caught up in the Nationals' COVID-19 situation, with sidelined several prominent players at the start of the season.

Still, Bell is interesting for all the reasons he was even before that mess. Yes, he batted just .226 during the 57-game sample last year, but his strikeout and walk rates were way out of line with anything he had done in the past. He's one of those players who benefited from the use of in-game video to make adjustments, so that's no small detail, now that it's back. We should expect those things to even out under more normal conditions in 2021. Even with the down year last year, Bell still hit the ball plenty hard. With the table setters the Nationals offer, a return to his 2019 production isn't out of the realm of possibility.