Josh Groban and Jennifer Hudson Sing 'The Impossible Dream'

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Jennifer Hudson sang one of her favorite songs with an artist who covered the classic tune in 2020.

Hudson, whose talk show "The Jennifer Hudson Show" premiered earlier this year, welcomed Josh Groban for a recent episode and couldn't help but gush about his rendition of the song "The Impossible Dream."

“You know, one of my favorites that you do is ‘Impossible Dream,’” she said.

“One of the greats. That’s got a very inspirational (message),” Groban replied.

Hudson then asked Groban if he would be willing to do a duet together.

“Now Josh, you know I can’t have you sit here on this couch and not ask if we can sing a little bit of it,” she said.

“Oh, my goodness. Is that what those microphones are for, hidden behind these cheeky roses?” he joked.

Josh Groban on The Jennifer Hudson Show. (Chris Millard / Warner Bros.)
Josh Groban on The Jennifer Hudson Show. (Chris Millard / Warner Bros.)

Before they began, Groban suggested that Hudson was about to do a better job covering the song than he did.

“When your voice comes out of your mouth, that’s when it’s my turn for my mic to do this,” he said, pretending to drop his mic.

"Oh, stop it. I'm following your lead. I'm the student," Hudson replied.

As Groban began to sing, Hudson stared at him in amazement and seemed to be taking in the magical moment.

"To dream the impossible dream/ To fight the unbeatable foe/ To bear with unbearable sorrow/ And to run where the brave dare not go," he sang.

Hudson took over at this point and both singers swayed as she belted out the moving lyrics.

"To right the unrightable wrong/ And to love pure and chaste from afar/ To try when your arms are too weary," she sang.

Groban then joined Hudson and the two sang the following line together: "To reach the unreachable star."

Afterward, Hudson screamed, "I got to sing with Josh!" in excitement. She wasn't the only one who was psyched about the performance. In the comments section of the YouTube video, fans gave the duet their seal of approval.

"That was so moving. Spiritual, uplifting and inspiring!" one wrote.

Another commented, "Both voices came right from heaven. Nothing else to say."

Several YouTube users suggested that the singers should collaborate in an official capacity.

"We need these two in the recording studio ‘em both," one wrote. Another echoed that sentiment, commenting, "Your voices blend SO beautifully. Do a concert, or album, or both together."

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