'It's been a journey': Musician, nurse donates a portion of proceeds to ABQ's HopeWorks

Nov. 5—Editor's Note: Venue Plus continues "in Case You Didn't Know," a weekly feature with fun tidbits about New Mexicans and their projects

Singing has always been a passion for Alexandra Fresquez.

The New Mexico native worked for nearly a year on her new album, "Nothing's Wrong But Nothing's Right," which was released on Oct. 22.

"I've worked on this for quite some time," Fresquez says. "It's been a journey with this album and I'm really proud of what has come together."

Fresquez was born in Roswell and then moved to go to college at the University of New Mexico. After graduating, she was convinced to move to Los Angeles to give music a try.

She's now living in New York City, where she is a registered nurse at a surgery center.

The "day job" helps her fund her music career.

When not working at her job, she's getting her music out to the masses via social media. Her following on YouTube is in the millions and her music was featured on MTV's "Ex on the Beach" and "Ghosted."

"I spend a lot of time deciding what kind of songs that I wanted to do because I want people to relate to my songs," she says. "This is why I have a variety of songs. I tend to love sad songs, but I had to convince myself to do upbeat songs for the album."

During the process, Fresquez was also introduced to writing songs via Zoom.

"That was interesting," she says with a laugh. "But we were able to still collaborate with other artists."

Releasing the album was the first step in a plan for Fresquez to work on music more.

She recently went part time in her nursing job so she could begin planning more tours.

"It's a tough balance because I work early in the morning as a nurse," she says. "I also like staying up late. It's difficult to make myself go to bed."

Fresquez also donates a portion of proceeds to the New Mexico charity HopeWorks.

The organization provides critical services for people experiencing homelessness and near homelessness.

"I hold this so close to my heart because homelessness and behavior health were my focus when I was in nursing school," she says. "I did my rotations there and I've never seen an organization do something similar. They do their best to actually prevent any of it happening."

Fresquez hopes to return to New Mexico for a concert in the near future. In the meantime, here are some things you didn't know about Fresquez:

1 "I like to record in a blanket because I'm always cold and it makes me more comfortable."

2 "I like to run before I record because my breath control is better."

3 "I have a twin who works on country music."

4 "I used to cry when I watched the Grammys when I was younger because I never thought I could get out of my state of being so shy and actually go for it and do what I wanted to do."

5 "I've experienced a lot of death in my life and I never take a single day for granted which is probably why I'm always so tired, lol. I truly love my life to the fullest and know that if I don't have something I want it's because of my own self not anyone else. I'm the only one who will ever stand in my way."


To listen to Alexandra Fresquez's latest album, "Nothing's Wrong But Nothing's Right," visit spotify.com or alexandrafresquez.com

Editor's note: Venue Plus continues "In Case You Didn't Know," a weekly feature with fun tidbits about New Mexicans and their projects.