Joyce votes 'yes' on continuing resolution

Jan. 19—On Thursday afternoon, Congress approved a continuing resolution to continue funding the U.S. government, staving off a possible shutdown.

According to reporting from the Associated Press, the bill, which continues funding for the government at current levels, was approved by the House by a vote of 314-108, and passed 77-18 in the Senate. Funding would have run out on Jan. 26 for some agencies.

U.S. Rep. Dave Joyce (R-Ohio 14), whose district includes all of Ashtabula County, voted in favor of the measure.

"I will continue to work with my colleagues in both chambers to enact funding that will rein in spending and put America back on track," Joyce said in a press release. "At this point in time, a government shutdown would achieve the opposite."

Leadership in the House and Senate reached a deal recently on the total amount of the federal budget.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson released a statement on Jan. 14, stating that a continuing resolution would be necessary to avoid a partial government shutdown.

"Because the completion deadlines are upon us, a short continuing resolution is required to complete what House Republicans are working hard to achieve: an end to governance by omnibus, meaningful policy wins, and better stewardship of American tax dollars," he said.

The resolution moves the dates for a partial and full government shutdown to March 1 and 8, respectively.

Joyce said, as chair of the House Appropriations Homeland Security Subcommittee, he knows first-hand the threats the country is facing.

"A shutdown would only exacerbate the problem by forcing Border Patrol agents to go without pay and further lowering morale," he said. "This additional time provided by the continuing resolution will allow us to negotiate and pass all twelve spending bills while avoiding a harmful government shutdown. In doing so, we can further conservative priorities, like border security, and get Congress back on a path of fiscal responsibility."

The continuing resolution now goes to President Joe Biden for his signature.