JP Saxe plays a game of 'Saxy not Saxy'

JP Saxe lets loose with Audacy's 'Jeremiah Show'

Video Transcript


JEREMY WIDMER: All right. Well, before we let you get out of here, I made up a game that I'd like to play with you.


JEREMY WIDMER: --Morgan, did you have any more questions?

MORGAN WRIGHT: No, that's it.

JEREMY WIDMER: This game, sir, is called JP Saxy or JP--

JP SAXE: OK. Love it.

JEREMY WIDMER: --or JP not Saxy.

JP SAXE: I love the puns.


JP SAXE: I'm going to give a quick plug before we play this game [INAUDIBLE]--

JEREMY WIDMER: Oh, yes, please.

JP SAXE: --that I have a pun-themed merch line. So if you are interested in some JP socks, those are available [INAUDIBLE] JP Saxe. We have JPJs, which I also quite love. We have JP sacks, which are knapsacks.



JEREMY WIDMER: --JP saxophone? Are you working on that?

JP SAXE: I have yet to partner with a saxophone maker. There's a couple barriers to entry there for me.


JP SAXE: But for the most part, any punnable version of my name is something that I am trying to sell.

JEREMY WIDMER: Well, we know what your OnlyFans account's going to be. I'll tell you that much.

JP SAXE: It is a very easy name to pick. Low-hanging [INAUDIBLE] low-hanging [INAUDIBLE] is honestly a nice double entendre for my OnlyFans.


JEREMY WIDMER: All right. Here we go. JP Saxy or JP not Saxy. I'm just going to say a word or phrase to you. If you like it, it's JP Saxy. If you don't, it's JP not Saxy. Pretty easy game.

JP SAXE: Got it.

JEREMY WIDMER: Ranch dressing.

JP SAXE: Saxy.

JEREMY WIDMER: The "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers."

JP SAXE: Saxy.


JP SAXE: Saxy.

JEREMY WIDMER: Fresh-cut grass.

JP SAXE: Saxy. Not Saxy. I'm a little allergic.

JEREMY WIDMER: OK. Stocking caps.

JP SAXE: Stocking caps [INAUDIBLE] stocking cap?

JEREMY WIDMER: Wait, don't you-- you're Canadian. Don't you guys call them something different? Tuques? Tu-- is that a word?

JP SAXE: Tuques. Saxy. Love a good tuque.


JEREMY WIDMER: Short shorts on guys.

JP SAXE: Saxy.

JEREMY WIDMER: Take that, Morgan.

MORGAN WRIGHT: What? I said that it was Saxy.

JEREMY WIDMER: Just not on me.

MORGAN WRIGHT: Well, it depends on the vibe.


JEREMY WIDMER: Half rhymes.

JP SAXE: Saxy.

JEREMY WIDMER: Weak handshakes.

JP SAXE: I do slant rhymes all the time.


JP SAXE: Yeah, I don't try and limit my sincerity to rhyme schemes. [CHUCKLES] That's the most pretentious thing I've ever said. Please [INAUDIBLE].


What was the next thing? What was the next thing?

JEREMY WIDMER: Weak handshakes.

JP SAXE: Indifferent.

JEREMY WIDMER: Are handshakes a thing of the past?


JP SAXE: I haven't shaken a hand in a very long time, so it's hard to have an opinion on it.

JEREMY WIDMER: We can all say they're not Saxy. Let's be honest.

JP SAXE: I think we should replace handshakes with, like, NBA-style secret handshakes with all of our friends that are a little bit less-- like, a little bit less COVID-y, you know? Like, just really, really cool routines variant on a fist bump [INAUDIBLE]--

JEREMY WIDMER: I have a secret handshake with my best friend that we do.

JP SAXE: Well, don't tell me, because [INAUDIBLE]--

JEREMY WIDMER: OK, no-- yeah, it's secret. I'm sorry. I can't-- all right. Back to Saxy or not Saxy. Where was I? All-white shoes.

JP SAXE: Saxy.

JEREMY WIDMER: I don't think he's said not Saxy [INAUDIBLE] you're such a just accepting individual.

MORGAN WRIGHT: I know, right? I love it.

JP SAXE: I said not Saxy to the fresh-cut grass because I [INAUDIBLE]--

JEREMY WIDMER: You're right.



JEREMY WIDMER: But it did start as Saxy.

JP SAXE: Yeah, and then I thought a little bit more into it. And I remembered my asthma.

JEREMY WIDMER: All right. Saxy or not Saxy. Cucumber salad.

JP SAXE: I like cucumbers. Saxy.

JEREMY WIDMER: Old-looking babies.

JP SAXE: [CHUCKLING] You can't say a baby.


MORGAN WRIGHT: Right? That is below the belt.


JEREMY WIDMER: No answer on that one. Iced coffee.

JP SAXE: Saxy.

JEREMY WIDMER: E flat chords.

JP SAXE: Like, the cord E flat?


JP SAXE: It's a great chord. Definitely [INAUDIBLE].

JEREMY WIDMER: I don't know the chord.