JSO operation against illegal street racing leads to several arrests

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It was a busy weekend for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, as a special operation was underway in response to illegal street racing and “Take Overs”. Takeovers typically involve a “flash mob” of spectators and cars that arrive at an intersection or other area to perform dangerous street racing stunts.


At least three people were arrested for reckless driving, while one of those drivers was also booked for displaying a firearm.

On Saturday Sept. 3 at around 9 p.m., officers observed Austyn Burrell driving recklessly in a Ford F150 at a car meet at 11260 Beach Blvd. The suspect then left the parking lot as JSO was arriving on scene.

Burrell dodged officers until being pulled over near the Avenues Mall. JSO says that constant updates, a vehicle description and suspect description were provided to responding marked patrol units over radio to ensure the suspect’s arrest.

Burrell was issued three citations and taken to jail. His vehicle was also towed.

In what appears to be part of the same car meet, JSO arrested their second suspect in the same night.

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Nicholas Comfort was seen doing burnouts and doughnuts in a white 2014 Chevrolet Camaro. It wasn’t until around 12:45 a.m. that officers once again located Comfort at 10251 Shops Lane in a Walmart parking lot. There, JSO created a roadblock.

Two witnesses were in the car with Comfort and gave officers similar stories that no one else was driving the Chevy Camaro. Comfort was taken into custody and his vehicle was also towed.

The third suspect, Dave Alabre, was arrested at the same location in his Chevrolet Camaro performing burnouts and doughnuts. Officers were alerted that Alabre was also displaying a firearm in what was already considered a dangerous situation at the car meet.

A description of the driver was given to officers, and a stop and arrest was made at the Walmart Super Center. The suspect was booked for reckless driving, driving a motor vehicle while his license was suspended and improper display of a firearm.

In the officer’s arrest report, Alabre is listed as being a corrections officer in Florida.

A Glock .45 caliber was seized as property.

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