JSU offering free course on Stress, Coping and Resilience

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Jun. 23—Jacksonville State University is offering current, past and potential students the opportunity to take an online, three-credit hour course for free, according to a university press release on Wednesday.

JSU's Try It program offers a specific, predetermined course for free on a topic that is relatable to a large portion of the population, according to the release. The class the university is currently offering is SW 306: Stress, Coping and Resilience, and is meant to inform students about the impact stress has on their physical and mental health, as well as how to cope with stress and become more resilient professionals in the workforce.

The release says that the course will be taught completely online so students can work at their own pace. The release also says SW 306 will be taught by faculty across disciplines, so that the topics of stress, coping and resilience can be presented from a range of perspectives.

"We know that students are busy, so this course is designed to fit in with their other academic, professional and familial obligations," Kelly Martin, director of enrollment initiatives, was quoted as saying in the release. "Students of any major or academic background should benefit from the information and practical skills provided in this course."

According to the release, while the Try It program is open to anyone, it is specifically designed for those who are hesitant to enroll in college courses, particularly online courses.

"JSU wants to show adult learners that have never attended college, or those who have not attended in quite some time, how flexible online courses can be. Students may opt to only take the free course, but our hope is that they will decide to continue their education and complete a degree program at JSU," Martin said in the release.

According to the release, JSU's Try It program was established in 2020 with EM 307: Pandemics and Pestilence, the first course to be offered for free. The release says nearly 800 students enrolled in EM 307 across three semesters.

For more information visit www.jsu.edu/tryit.

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