Juan Williams: Trump-Led GOP Has No Agenda, Just Hate For Democrats

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Fox NewsJuan Williams wrote Monday that Republicans lack substance and a plan as they mimic the “lowball strategy” of former President Donald Trump.

In an essay for The Hill titled “Trump’s GOP Descends Into Farce,” Williams conceded that the twice-impeached ex-POTUS still has a hold on the GOP and remains a legitimate party hopeful for 2024.

“The problem for Trump is that while his candidacy is the tallest tree in the GOP jungle, it has shallow roots in the soft, shifting soil of a cult of personality,” he wrote. “At his maximum political power, Trump is a towering idol for a fickle crowd that agrees on only one thing — hating Democrats.”

The pundit, who butted heads with reactionary colleagues before he left “The Five” last month, said Trump’s grievance politics still prevail in the party. And that’s spawning copycats like Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), who pledged to make President Joe Biden a “one-half-term president.” Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has vowed to apply “100 percent” of his focus on stopping the Biden administration, Williams noted.

Fearful of alienating its older white base, the GOP has mostly steered clear of constructive input on police abuse, immigration reform and the wealth gap, according to Williams. Instead, it sounds false alarms on transgender athletes in high school sports and teaching kids about racism and the civil rights struggle.

“A cynic could ask if this is a joke and laugh it off as culture wars folly. But Trump and his loyalists, in politics and the media, continue to raise money and attract a crowd with this approach,” Williams wrote.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.