Judge Barrett at Capitol, meets with GOP senators

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett is on Capitol Hill Wednesday meeting with Republican Senators as the Senate Judiciary Committee is poised to approve Barrett's nomination Thursday, sending it to the Senate. (Oct. 21)

Video Transcript

LAMAR ALEXANDER: I'm impressed with Judge Barrett. She brings a scholarship and a good temperament and integrity to the Court. Those are the things I look for in a judge. And she brings something else. She has the advantage of an education in Tennessee and in Indiana, and that legal and educational background, I believe, will strengthen the court by diversifying it.

JOHN BARRASSO: I am absolutely delighted with her nomination. The people of Wyoming are so happy that she's been nominated, because she's true to the Constitution. And that's the whole Wyoming way of thinking about things. It really is about the Constitution. And we're delighted that you've been nominated by President Trump.

ROB PORTMAN: I am delighted to be here with Judge Barrett. Really looking forward to our meeting together. I've been very impressed with her background, her record. Perhaps I was most impressed with her judicial temperament in the face of some tough questioning at the Judiciary Committee, her patience and her calm. And I'm just delighted that she is willing to step up and serve her country in this way. I look forward to the opportunity to talk about some issues with her this morning. Thank you all.