Judge denies bond for suspects in Arbery killing

A Georgia judge has denied bond for the white father and son charged with murder in the February slaying of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25 year-old Black man. (Nov. 13)

Video Transcript

JESSE EVANS: Again, your honor, staying focused on our four factors as we must during this bond hearing, this evidence decisively shows the defendant Greg McMichael poses an active and significant risk of obstructing justice in that he is working with family members to delete and get rid of evidence of significance after his arrest.

GEORGE MCMICHAEL: We need to get rid of that-- that stuff.

- Yes.

GEORGE MCMICHAEL: Make it disappear. Make it go away because [INAUDIBLE]. If not, it's liable to really screw us up.

ROBERT RUBIN: He's not a danger to flee. He's not a danger to the community. In fact, he is an asset to the community, and he's proven that by always being employed, paying his taxes, never getting in trouble, never confronting people unless he himself is put in danger. And that was one time by one man in Ahmaud Arbery.