Judge Jeanine Flips at Gutfeld’s ‘Replacement Theory’ on Fox

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During a roundtable discussion Tuesday on the Fox News show The Five, co-host Greg Gutfeld suggested that immigrants could replace “worthless white wokesters’—and Judge Jeanine Pirro was seriously triggered.

On the topic of immigration, primarily through the southern border, Gutfeld said the U.S. should not “be dissuading good, decent people from coming here.”

“True, it may just be for a paycheck, but that’s often just to start. We are talking about largely God-fearing, family-centric people who aren’t afraid of a day’s hard work,” he said. “They are, in short, the complete and utter opposite of what is dripping out of our campuses like coagulated pimple juice.”

“Would a guy or a girl from Guatemala burn an American flag when they come here? No, they’re happy to be here. Would a young Hispanic couple be OK with drag queens in kindergarten? Hell no,” Gutfeld claimed. “I say bring them in. Trade them for the worthless white wokesters that are destroying this country. That’s my replacement theory,” he concluded with a smile.

There were no smiles from Pirro, who called the situation at the border an “invasion,” just as leaders in a handful of Texas border counties did earlier in the day.

“The problem is not just what’s happening to them on the way here,” Pirro said, bringing to mind how more than 50 migrants died last month after being trapped in an abandoned tractor-trailer outside San Antonio. “The problem is what is going on once they get here.”

“The people who are coming here—and I won’t say they are good, bad or indifferent—I don’t know who they are. I want to know what their record is, I want to know who’s a drug dealer. I want to know who’s a pedophile… I want to know all this stuff.”

“And it’s not funny, Greg,” Pirro continued. “The truth is, they are destroying this country.”

“Who is destroying this country?” Gutfeld asked.

“Let me finish, Greg,” she replied. “In terms of what’s coming into this country. The fentanyl that’s coming in. The United States is not controlling the border. The cartels are controlling the border,” Pirro said.

“Whether you like immigrants or don’t is not the question,” Pirro said. “The question before us is why we are allowing a generation between the ages of 18 and 45 to be killed by a drug war and an undeclared war by China toward the United States where Mexico is making a fortune. That’s the problem.”

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