Judge Judy just endorsed Michael Bloomberg for president

Kathryn Krawczyk

Judge Judy Sheindlin is getting political for the first time.

On Monday, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 2020 campaign debuted a video revealing the family court judge turned TV star was endorsing Bloomberg for president. "I like to say you can judge a person by what they've done," Sheindlin said, continuing to say that "Mike Bloomberg has done amazing things," making him the right person to "bring us through these very challenging times."

Sheindlin expanded on her endorsement in a Monday appearance on The View, where co-host Whoopi Goldberg acknowledged she'd "never endorsed anybody" before. Sheindlin said she decided to take a stand now because "I've never seen America so angry with each other as a family," and suggested Bloomberg's "experience in governance" as well as philanthropy and his business-minded attitude could help fix it.

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