Judge orders psychiatric evaluation for suspect in fatal New York subway attack

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A judge has ordered a psychiatric evaluation of a suspect accused of pushing a woman in front of a New York City subway on Saturday.

On Wednesday, the judge ordered the psychiatric evaluation for Simon Martial as he is facing second-degree murder charges, ABC News reported.

Prosecutors with the Manhattan district attorney's office said at the arraignment Martial used "two hands to push another woman onto the train tracks as a train approached."

The victim, Michelle Go, was hit by the subway and pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said at the time the attack against the Asian woman seemed "completely unprovoked."

Authorities are investigating if Martial, a Black man, was motivated by racial bias, according to ABC News.

Martial is believed to have been homeless at the time of the attack and was previously convicted of two violent felony charges.

Police said Saturday Martial attacked another woman before going after Go.

In a statement, the family said Go was a "beautiful, brilliant, kind, and intelligent woman who loved her family and friends, loved to travel the world and help others." She also volunteered with the homeless.

"To lose a New Yorker in this fashion would only continue to elevate the fears of individuals not using our subway system. Our recovery is dependent on the public safety in this city and in this subway system," New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) said.

"We can do that with the right balance, a balance of safety and a balance of proactively giving people the assistance they need when they are in a mental health crisis," he added.

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