Judge sets date for plaintiffs to officially request class action in Ford ‘death wobble’ case

Channel 9 has a major update in a legal battle that could impact drivers everywhere involving an issue Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke has been investigating since 2019.

Customers call it the Ford “death wobble.” Despite the name, it’s not clear if anyone has been killed because of it, but the problem is serious enough to where plaintiffs filed a lawsuit in late 2020.

More than a year and half later, they’re almost to the point where they’ll ask the judge to make it a class action.

In a major development, the judge has now set a date for that request: March 10, 2023. It may sound a long way off, but if the judge says yes, it could open the case to drivers everywhere, including drivers in the Carolinas, such as David Jenkins.

“It bounces so much. It’s just unbelievable,” Jenkins told Stoogenke. “The reason I came to you is really … it’s serious … I think it’s really bad.”


Jenkins owns a 2016 Ford F-250 and he told Stoogenke he felt the so-called “death wobble” multiple times.

Ford offered a fix in 2020, but the offer ended the same year and only applied to certain models. The model Jenkins owns was not covered.

Ford has not issued a recall, which is why many car owners are relying on the lawsuit becoming a class action suit so they can be included in it.

In its court filings, Ford denies many of the allegations. It admits issuing technical service bulletins related to steering wheel shaking but denies these are “associated with the death wobble.”

In the past, the automaker told Stoogenke it doesn’t typically comment on pending litigation but advised customers to contact Ford or their dealership if they have a concern. Stoogenke asked the company if it had anything new to add for this report, but Ford did not respond in time.

Stoogenke suggests that if you have this issue, take your truck to the dealer if for no other reason than to document the problem. If you spend any money because of the problem, save your receipts in case there is a recall or legal settlement, and you can get reimbursed later.

(Watch below: Many continue to contact Action 9 about Ford ‘death wobble’)