Judge shoots at husband’s girlfriend – and she was already suspended, Texas cops say

Chacour Koop

An indicted Texas judge is now accused of shooting at her husband’s girlfriend, media outlets report.

Houston police say Harris County state District Judge Alexandra Smoots-Thomas was charged Wednesday with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after firing a gun at the woman, KPRC reported.

Smoots-Thomas was suspended last year after she was charged with wire fraud on accusations she spent campaign funds on luxury jewelry, a Prada purse, vacation airline tickets, school tuition and a home mortgage, KHOU reported. Despite the indictment and a subsequent suspension, she still ran for re-election but lost in the July primary, the Houston Chronicle reported.

On Monday, Smoots-Thomas was accused of firing a shotgun at her estranged husband’s girlfriend, the Houston Chronicle reported. Police say she was honking her horn in the driveway when the woman came outside and they began arguing, which led to the shooting, KTRK reported.

Smoots-Thomas’ attorney, Kent Schaffer, told KPRC nobody was injured.

“My client was in a car and the other woman was outside the car,” Schaffer told KPRC. “I believe she was carrying a club or some sort of stick with the intent to assault my client and a gun appeared.”