New judge starts Monday in Odessa

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Jun. 11—Odessa's new Associate Municipal County Judge Keith W. Kidd will begin his new job on Monday with an annual salary of $95,000, Odessa city records detail.

Odessa City Council unanimously approved Kidd's hiring on May 11. Kidd was one of two candidates who applied for the position. The other candidate was Arlington-based Attorney Alisha Darden.

Kidd's hiring was not reported immediately because city officials refused to release any information about Kidd, even though his hiring is public information. After filing a Freedom of Information Request, the city did provide the OA with Kidd's resume and application letter.

Kidd could not be reached for comment.

In their response to the OA's FOIA request, city officials stated there is no employment contract with Kidd.

According to Kidd's work record, he has served as a judge advocate for the U.S. Army Reserve since 2002. He has been living in Covington, KY. Previously he served as an in-house counsel for a utility company in Dallas.

In his application letter, Kidd informed the city that he completed a Master of Business Administration degree in April. He is currently working on a Master of Law degree on-line.

"After the attacks on 9/11, I joined the U.S. Department of State and helped coordinate reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan and the Iraq," Kidd wrote in his application letter to the city. "I remained in the Middle East a few more years to manage the democracy promotion efforts of an American non-profit organization. I also did some independent business consulting in the region.

"Throughout my career, I have investigated alleged misconduct, prosecuted defendants, represented the accused and presided over evidentiary hearings. I have researched the law, drafted contracts, negotiated settlements and litigated claims. I have worked with many people, from many cultures, in many places, on many issues."