Jugs of water, food distributed to seniors following winter storm

It's been a month since the storm and many are still struggling, especially senior citizens. "We realized that essentially the seniors need the food brought to them."

Video Transcript

- The need for water is just never ending.

ROXY BUSTAMANTE: Paul, with Crowd Source Rescue, has been working relief efforts for 30 days straight, helping provide bottled water for thousands of families who are still without, following February's winter storm.

- So a lot of these communities that don't have water have major pipe issues. That has to rely on, sort of, the city and the city works, which are so far behind because there's so much need across the state. Then you have other families that they can't afford to fix the pipes because they're already struggling because of the pandemic, everyone's out of work. Now you've lost all of your food during the freeze and without power.

ROXY BUSTAMANTE: One of those communities includes an apartment complex in Southwest Houston. One of the residents talked to ABC 13 on Wednesday to show what they're dealing with a month after the storm.

- Look over here. Look. Here. [INAUDIBLE].

ROXY BUSTAMANTE: The William Price Distilling Company opened up their doors and offered Crowd Source Rescue and the relief gang to use their extra plastic jugs to fill with water and take it to the apartment residents and thousands of others in need.

- We're trying to give around 10 to 20 gallons per family, if we're able. But, you know, that's only going to last a couple of days.

ROXY BUSTAMANTE: Now, the need for relief is so great. The Houston and Harris County Winter Storm Relief Fund invested an additional $6.4 million to local nonprofits. Eligible families who apply can receive up to $1,000.

- And it doesn't seem like there's an end in sight of the needs that we have to fill.

- It might be a beautiful day, but there's others who are hurting out there, so step up. If it's a nice day out, go and help, and volunteer, and help others-- neighbors helping neighbors.

ROXY BUSTAMANTE: Roxy Bustamante, "ABC 13 Eyewitness News."