Julia Devastates Central America And Moves Towards Southern Mexico

Tropical storm Julia has made a devastating journey through Central America, wreaking havoc and taking lives. According to Reuters, the tropical storm killed 14 as of Monday 10 October.

The tropical storm reportedly caused much damage upon arrival in Nicaragua and continues its course through Central America. 9 out of 14 of the deaths have been confirmed in El Salvador, 5 of those being soldiers.

“Life-threatening flash floods and mudslides should continue from Julia across Central American and Southern Mexico through Tuesday,” the US National Hurricane Center said in an advisory on Monday. The NHC predicted 5-10 inches of rainfall in El Salvador and southern Guatemala.

What we know:

The former hurricane has started to show signs of weakening now, according to authorities. It seems as though Julia may still have left severely dangerous after effects.

Tragic levels of destruction have made their way through Central America. Honduras confirmed 5 deaths following the storm. The country also stated that 9,200 people had sought refuge in shelters. In Nicaragua, Julia left a million people without power, the government also shut down electricity after deciding it was the safer option. Heavy rains and floods forced the evacuations of more than 12,000 families. In both Panama and Costa Rica there were evacuations and road closures due to intense rains.

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