Julia Fox reveals yet another DIY outfit, wears photos of herself as a skirt

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 (Getty Images for Converse)
(Getty Images for Converse)

Julia Fox has debuted yet another one of her do-it-yourself outfits and you might say this one speaks more than a thousand words: Her skirt and top are made solely out of photos of herself.

The 32-year-old actress appeared topless in a video for Vogue Czechoslovakia, as she was featured as the magazine’s cover star for their July issue. The clip showed Fox posing for the camera, as she held two polaroid photos of herself over her chest, as her form of a top.

She also wore a long skirt that was made entirely up of images of herself and a pair of black high heels. When someone asked her what she was wearing, she mouthed the word, “myself,” before she continued to smile.

The publication shared a snippet of its interview with the Uncut Gems star on Instagram which featured Fox explaining how she’s found confidence in herself as a woman.

“I had to learn how to come to terms with myself and the potential I have,” she explained. “This is one of the scariest things one has to face. We often get stuck in comfort and in what we know well. Someone has lived this way their whole life. I could never do that.”

Fans and critics in the comments made jokes about her skirt, referencing a clip of her at Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party that went viral last March. In the video, Fox discussed how she did her smokey-eyeshadow look for the occasion and said: “I actually did it myself, yeah.”

“She actually did it herself. Yeaah,” one person wrote.

“You deserve it. You are refreshingly different,” another added.

A third person wrote: “She looks stunning.”

This isn’t Fox’s first time making headlines for her not-so-ordinary outfits. Last month, she went viral for pairing a black underwear and bra with denim boots and a jacket.

Fox is also notorious for sharing tutorials for making her looks. In a video tutorial posted to her Instagram in March, she showed off a pair of her low-rise jeans and explained how she created them.

Throughout the clip, she noted that she redesigned her jeans by cutting the waistband off and that the waistband could be worn as a cropped bandeau top.

“I also used what I cut off to make the bandeau,” she said. “It makes for a really cute set and it’s easy and honestly now that latex is kinda played out. Denim, you’re all I have left.”