Julia Louis-Dreyfus Shares Savage Showbiz Tip For Her Son

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a showbiz tip for her youngest son: Don’t do it.

The “Veep” star’s 25-year-old son, Charlie Hall, recently landed three TV and film projects as he expands his acting career. He’s booked to feature in HBO Max’s “Sweethearts” and “The Sex Lives Of College Girls,” and will also have a recurring role in the Disney+ series “Big Shot.”

“He’s really digging being an actor and he’s really good,” Louis-Dreyfus told ET in a red carpet interview over the weekend. “Good on him.”

Asked if her son comes to her for advice, the Emmy winner said yes.

“What do you tell him?” the interviewer asked.

“Get out of the business,” she quipped.

Louis-Dreyfus is married to “SNL” alum Brad Hall. They have two sons, Charlie and Henry Hall, who is a musician.

Charlie Hall has previously appeared in the series “Bel-Air” and “Single Drunk Female” as well as the Netflix feature film “Moxie.”

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