Julia Louis-Dreyfus watched her son’s racy scenes in ‘Sex Lives of College Girls,’ and she has thoughts

Julia Louis-Dreyfus supports her son Charlie Hall's acting career through and through, even when it comes to some of his scenes in "The Sex Lives of College Girls" that live up to the show's name.

Louis-Dreyfus revealed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that she has watched the HBO comedy and said she's proud of her son's performance.

“I think he was really great,” she told host Jimmy Kimmel on Jan. 24. “I mean, he was adorable. He was f------ some girl in the library and I thought it was dynamite!”

Hall joined Season 2 of the HBO show as Andrew, a standoffish biology student and a new love interest for Whitney, one of the show's leads played by Alyah Chanelle Scott. After Whitney discovers her interest in science, Andrew becomes her nemesis in the lab.

Hall, who has previously acted in "Bel-Air," "Single Drunk Female" and in a "Veep" cameo alongside his mom, drew inspiration for this role from his own experience in college. Hall played basketball at Northwestern University, graduating in 2019. While he said he never met anyone there who was as much of a jerk as his own character, he told E! News that "there’s an intensity about him that I think you can find at a place like Northwestern.”

After Hall's casting was announced, Louis-Dreyfus posted the news on Instagram with the caption, "That's my boy!"

"Thanks momma!" he responded.

Charlie Hall as Andrew and Alyah Chanelle Scott as Whitney in season 2 of
Charlie Hall as Andrew and Alyah Chanelle Scott as Whitney in season 2 of

Throughout the season, the passionate hate between Whitney and Andrew leads to undeniable chemistry, culminating in several steamy encounters across campus, from the lab to the library.

While Louis-Dreyfus was unruffled describing her son's latest role, she also might not have known what she was in for. Hall revealed to POPSUGAR in December that he had forgotten to warn his parents about his sex scenes before the show came out on Nov. 17.

"I forgot to call them," he told the outlet. “I actually will [probably] just give them the time stamp of that library scene and just be like, ‘Hey, when you’re watching, just go ahead and skip these two minutes right here.'"

He added in the interview that he didn't know if his parents — Louis-Dreyfus and "Saturday Night Live" alum Brad Hall — had seen the show yet.

“If they have, they haven’t told me and I hope they never do,” he said, jokingly. “As of now, I don’t think they’ve seen it. So I can still avoid disaster.”

Well, it was nice while it lasted.

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