Julius Randle, RJ Barrett on exceeding expectations and claiming the 4th seed in the East | Knicks Post Game

Julius Randle and RJ Barrett talk about the low expectations for this Knicks team heading into the season and what it's like now that they've secured the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference.

Video Transcript

DERRICK ROSE: It feels good to actually be in the postseason with a group like this. Everybody's locked in. And the city is buzzing right now. So it's a great feeling.

RJ BARRETT: You know, it feels amazing, especially doing it with a group of guys that were here last year through some tough times. And we were able to turn the program around. And we have a bunch of new pieces. So that's really what it is, just how we worked hard. And nobody gave us a shot, but we're here.

JULIUS RANDLE: Didn't matter then. It doesn't matter now. People really didn't believe in us the start of the season. But Coach always said, it just matters what we think. We believe in each other as a team, what we can accomplish. And still the same thing today, it's about what we believe in the locker room.

TOM THIBODEAU: For us, it's to look at what we did, enjoy today, and then prepare ourselves for tomorrow, knowing that there's a lot that goes into preparation for a playoff game. We have to study. We have to get prepared. And we've got to be ready to go when that ball goes up.

So you don't want to feel too good because you always want more. And it's important for us to be hungry and concentrate on exactly what's in front of us. It's important for everyone to put everything they have into each and every day. I think the maximum effort has to be combined with unbelievable concentration. So you can get to the level you want to get to.

RJ BARRETT: It's great to have brought Knick fans what they want and have brought us back to the playoffs. But before I got drafted, this is something I envisioned. This is something I wanted to do. I've always said I'm a winner. And I just-- I had a feeling that I was going to be able to be a part of a team or multiple teams that were able to get to the playoffs.