As of July 1, new Ukrainian visa regime for Russians comes into force

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Serhii Deineko, head of the State Border Service of Ukraine, issued a reminder that the new visa regime for citizens of the Russian Federation came into force on 1 July.

Source: Deineko on Facebook

Quote from Deineko: "From today (1 July – ed.), the government’s decision to end visa-free travel for Russians came into force at the border (...).

The visa regime will also make it possible to strengthen the security of our state. Now every Russian will have to justify the purpose of their trip to Ukraine in advance.

But I want to warn citizens of the Russian Federation: even if you have received a visa, you should not be complacent! This still does not guarantee unhindered entry to Ukraine. Visa holders must also meet other conditions in order to cross the Ukrainian border. Border guards will definitely check visas, and if there are valid reasons, they will be cancelled on the spot!"

Background: The State Border Service is ready to check Russian citizens who intend to enter Ukraine after the introduction of the visa regime on 1 July, but a visa is not a 100% guarantee of entry into Ukraine.