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"I Jumped On My Bed" - Cher On Celebrating President Biden's Election Victory

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Cher returns to A Late Show to talk about some of her favorite Cher songs, and to tell the story of how she celebrated President Biden's election victory. Check out her new documentary, "Cher & The Loneliest Elephant," premiering this Thursday on Paramount+. #Colbert #WildAboutCher #Cher

Video Transcript


STEPHEN COLBERT: Welcome back, everybody. My first guest is an Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy award winning singer, known as the Goddess of Pop. Please welcome back to "A Late Show" Cher. Hello, Cher. Thank you for being here.

CHER: Hello, Stephen. I'm happy to be there.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Now, the last time you were on the show was in November, right before the election. And--

CHER: Yes.

STEPHEN COLBERT: --you were urging people to go vote for Joe Biden. And when you found out he won the election, you tweeted this, "Between jumping on my bed & crying, I couldn't tweet. I have wanted him to be president since 2006. My dream has come true." Did you really jump on your bed, Cher?

CHER: I did I jumped on my bed. And I didn't care if I broke it. I didn't care about anything. I was so excited.

STEPHEN COLBERT: And an early adopter-- 2006, not everybody was on board Joe's train. And he loves trains. Not everyone was on board Joe's train in 2006.

CHER: I barged into his office.


CHER: No, I barged into his office.

STEPHEN COLBERT: And security let you do that?

CHER: No, he thinks he invited me. But he didn't.


I just went in to grill him.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Well, as of yesterday, every adult in America has the ability to get vaccinated. Have you gotten your shots?

CHER: I did.


CHER: I got my second shot, too.


CHER: I was nervous. I was nervous. I have to tell you, I feel like Rachel. I was a little bit nervous, and I don't know why. But I don't know. It was stupid. You know, sometimes you let your fear of the unknown make you shut your mind, shut your emotions down. You're not yourself, exactly, because fear, it's such an all encompassing thing. And I just was afraid. And then I just said, you know, this is dumb. I can't do this. This is done. I'm going to do it.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Which one did you do?

CHER: I'm going to get my shot.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Did you do Pfizer a Moderna? Just curious.

CHER: I did Pfizer.

STEPHEN COLBERT: How was that second shot?

CHER: It was fine.

STEPHEN COLBERT: What about the person who's giving you the shot? Were they nervous to be injecting Cher?

CHER: I don't know. She seemed fine.

STEPHEN COLBERT: No? No shaky hand or anything like that? No fanning out or anything?

CHER: No, I did have that once, though, with the guy who was taking my blood. And I went, dude, you're going to have to calm down, because this is not working for me.


You know, so I said, just take some breaths and don't hurt me.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Now we've all been, basically in the sweatpants for a year here. I can't imagine that Cher shows up to get vaccinated in sweatpants. Were you wearing something fabulous, with a feather headdress, and like an open midriff or anything?

CHER: Yeah. All right, yes, I was wearing all those things. No, I was wearing, like, I don't know sweat pants. I was wearing a pair of size large Adidas or something that I got in Germany, and like an old t-shirt-- ratty old t-shirt-- and a bomber jacket. Is that good enough for you?

STEPHEN COLBERT: That's great. I'm sure you rocked it. I'm sure you rocked it.

CHER: I did.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Now in January, you tweeted this out.

CHER: Yes?

STEPHEN COLBERT: "Was thinking of doing a virtual concert. Some of my favorites that were never hits & some that were. Only problem been singing 50 plus years. Too many songs." OK, everyone has their own favorite Cher songs. What are your favorite Cher songs?

CHER: I think my favorite-- oh, this is so hard. Because even though I'm not a huge Cher fan, and everybody knows that--

STEPHEN COLBERT: What? You-- wait-- wait. Hold the phone. You're not a Cher-- you're not a Cher fan?

CHER: Not so much.


STEPHEN COLBERT: Well, you must feel lonely. Because there are a lot of Cher fans out there.

CHER: Well, I've done some good things.


CHER: I have some things that I'm proud of.


CHER: "Song for the Lonely," I think is my favorite song. And I like-- I'm pretty proud of the "Mama Mia!" album, even though people kind of scoffed. But I think I did a good job of interpreting the songs.


CHER: And you haven't seen the last of me. I wasn't a good singer in the beginning, and that's why it's hard for me to hear those songs.

STEPHEN COLBERT: What? Why? You don't like-- you don't like "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves?" "I Got You, Babe?" Come on.

CHER: Well no, "I Got You, Babe" has a place of honor all, you know, on its own. You know? Sonny came to me-- Sonny used to wake me up in the middle of the night and say, come in here, I want you to sing this. And he could only play, like, two, three chords, five chords. I don't remember. And so, he woke me up, and I was like, OK. And they said, OK, sing this. And he started to play "I Got You, Babe." I said, this is a stupid song, I'm going back to bed.


STEPHEN COLBERT: And you ate those words eventually, I'm guessing.

CHER: Absolutely.

STEPHEN COLBERT: What was it like-- I'm on TV. I do that a lot. What was it like hosting your TV show? Did you know-- that show was a huge hit. People today don't perceive of you as a TV star. But you guys, first you had "Sonny and Cher." And then, I guess you guys, even after you split up, you still did the show together. Right?

CHER: Yes.

STEPHEN COLBERT: It was a huge, huge hit.

CHER: I know. It was very different, because we were modern. And they were still kind of half into Bob Hope. And then we kind of came on the scene. And we were-- you know, I was naked and Sonny was funny. And that's kind of how we sold it.

STEPHEN COLBERT: That's a good combination. I got to get a naked girl on this show.


CHER: That's what you're missing. Everyone thought I was a bitch, but I was just being funny.


STEPHEN COLBERT: I didn't think you were a bitch.

CHER: I was the talented one. No, listen. I was the talented one, and he was the nice one.


STEPHEN COLBERT: He wrote, "I Got You, Babe." You got to give him that.

CHER: No, I have to give him a lot of credit. I mean, he found me and I was-- I'd been working at See's Candy, OK?

STEPHEN COLBERT: Wow. How old were you guys when you started?

CHER: Well I was 16 when I met him, and I lied.

STEPHEN COLBERT: And he was 42? How old was he?

CHER: No he was 28.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Wow, that's a big difference.

CHER: You go to jail for that now.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Yes, or get elected to Congress in Florida.

CHER: Yes and my mom kept threatening him, but it was like, mom please. But I felt very grown up, and I was living on my own. And so-- and I lied to him. And then when my mom said she was going to put him in jail, I had to say, you know, I'm not 18 but my birthday's coming in May. And it was May. And I said, so I'll be 18 in May. But I was only 16 going to be 17 in May, so he could've still gone to jail.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Oh my God. Oh my God. We have to take a quick break, but when we come back, Cher is going to tell the story of when she was 17 and had to shove a hopped up music legend into a plane.