Junior Achievement of NorCal students invent tool to avoid germs

Students with Junior Achievement of Northern California have created the Ezypull tool to avoid germs. A portion of the product's proceeds will go to COVID-19 relief efforts.

Video Transcript

REGGIE AQUI: To build a better Bay Area, ABC7 is highlighting people who are trying to create positive changes during the pandemic. Jobina has a look at the work of two students and their invention that is promoting health. Hi, Jobina.

JOBINA FORTSON: Hi, Reggie. Yes, so I talked to two Monta Vista High School students that are self-proclaimed germophobes. Like all of us, they have been impacted by the pandemic. So they created something to help.

Junior Achievement of Northern California is a nonprofit dedicated to work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. The pandemic forced everything to go virtual for JA, but they still managed to host their company program, where volunteers help students launch and run their own businesses. This year, Tanaya Malik and Risha Jain's team created "Ezypull."

TANAYA MALIK: You can avoid direct contact with door handles, elevator buttons, and store keypads. You can attach anything that you want to your Ezypull, so you'll never forget your necessities, like your mask, because it's always right there with your car keys.

JOBINA FORTSON: In addition to helping you avoid germs, a portion of the products proceeds will go to COVID-19 relief efforts. Here is the Ezypull in action.

RISHA JAIN: It goes on your wrist, and it's perfect because it's super convenient because it's just one item to grab. It even has a phone stand feature, the thing over here to press on buttons, elevator buttons, and keypads. And then it has a bottle opener. So it's a multifunctional tool. And then this part is where you will pull the doors.

JOBINA FORTSON: Nice work. So the Ezypull is available right now on Ezypull.co. And Malik and Jain say this experience just opened their eyes to different job opportunities.

And on that note, coming up this Thursday, ABC7 is partnering with Junior Achievement for a Jobs and Careers Town Hall. It'll be virtual for middle and high school students. Students will be able to have their questions answered live by industry leaders, and I'll be hosting it. And we will have the registration information available on our website abc7news.com.