Jurors review video of shooting in murder trial

Jan. 25—Wednesday was day two in the trial of Kenneth Wayne Adams for the murder of William Allen Brantley on March 28, 2019.

Adams is charged with murder in the shooting death of Brantley on Rooker Lane in Elkmont stemming from a property dispute between the two men. Adams does not deny shooting Brantley but claims he did so in self defense. Both men were found to be in possession of a firearm.

Day two began with continuing testimony from LCSO Sgt. Terry Johnson. Ron Smith, attorney for Adams, replayed video from Johnson's body cam footage of his visit to Rooker Lane prior to the shooting.

Smith pointed out a bulge under the shirt and near the right hip of Brantley that he believed could be a gun. Johnson acknowledged seeing the bulge and agreed that it could possibly be a firearm. In previous testimony, Johnson was unaware of whether or not Brantley was armed.

Jurors were also introduced to two dash cam videos taken from Adams' truck. One video taken months before the shooting showed a woman intentionally blocking the road in an effort to block Adams from exiting his property. Another woman was seen outside of the vehicle arguing with Adams stating that he had no right to use Rooker Lane, although the road is maintained by Limestone County.

The second video showed Adams from the first time he interacted with Sgt. Johnson until after the shooting and law enforcement was on scene.

The video shows Brantley approach Adams' truck prior to shots being fired, but the video does not show what transpired between the two men that led to the shooting.

Adams called 911 immediately after the shooting and explained to the operator that Brantley had put a gun in his face.

The video's audio also captures Adams telling the family of the victim to stand back and saying, "I don't feel comfortable with you approaching" and "I'm going to protect myself at all cost."

Video then shows the arrival of Sgt. Johnson on scene and him telling family and others at the scene to stand back and to not approach Brantley. When asked by Smith why he instructed others to stand back, Johnson explained that his job was to secure and preserve the crime scene. He acknowledged that the possibility of a firearm being on Brantley and unaccounted for posed a concern for his safety.

Moments after backup arrived, Sgt. Johnson located Brantley's firearm and testified that the semi-automatic pistol was loaded with a bullet in the chamber.

The prosecution called two witnesses, and the defense was allowed to call one out of order. More information on their testimony will be updated.

The trial will resume at 8:30 a.m. Thursday morning. See enewscourier.com for updates.