Jury Seated For STEM School Shooting Suspect Devon Erickson

The jury has been seated for the trial of accused gunman in the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting Devon Erickson.

Video Transcript

JIM BENEMANN: --under 3%. Well, a jury is now in place for the trial of an accused gunman in the shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch. 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo died in that shooting at the school two years ago this month. Eight others were hurt. CBS 4's Rick Sallinger covered the shooting that day. So Rick, opening statements begin, the jury is seated, and we see Devin Erickson has pleaded not guilty.

RICK SALLINGER: Jim, I got to tell you it was chilling to hear the violence recalled once again. Devin Erickson sat quietly in a coat and tie, his once-dyed red hair now brown.

Life has been difficult since losing their son just over two years ago. Now, John and Maria Castillo arrive to hear what a jury would hear about Devin Erickson's role. Prosecutors began.

- In this room is every parent, every teacher's worst nightmare.

RICK SALLINGER: It was May 7, 2019, just before 2:00 PM, when the attack occurred. Erickson went into a high school classroom and shouted "nobody move." Three students dead. Trying to disarm the gunman, 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo was shot and killed in the process. Alec McKinney was armed and in another location, injuring eight people. He has now pleaded guilty with a sentence of life plus 38 years.

- Alec is angry. Alec is, in some ways, hateful, and has people in 107 that she despises for the rumors that she believes they've started. She wants to see them dead.

RICK SALLINGER: A chilling 911 call from a teacher was played.

- I think the shooter's screaming. I think he's in the room [INAUDIBLE].

- OK. And can you only hear one?


- OK. And you're in your closet, right?

RICK SALLINGER: Erickson's defense has just begun its opening statements, saying he was a drug abuser, sleep-deprived, and this is about how a sensitive and vulnerable kid got roped into a psychotic play by a homicidal person named Alec McKinney. And Jim, we'll hear from the defense coming up at 6:00.

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