Jussie Smollett Googled Himself More Than 50 Times Following Alleged Attack

Daniel Goldblatt

Jussie Smollett was just as interested in news about Jussie Smollett as the rest of us were in the days following his alleged attack.

The Chicago Police released more records on Tuesday from their investigation of the alleged incident. Smollett's search history, obtained by CBS Chicago, shows the "Empire" star searched his own name at least 50 times in the days after the alleged attack.

This is the latest release from the Chicago Police Department following their investigation into the January 29 incident. On Monday, 70 hours of video was released, highlighted by body cam video from when police first made contact with Smollett that night.

The video, which was blurred by police, shows his manager leading the officers into the elevator and up to Smollett's apartment. Once inside, Smollett can be seen in a sweater with the rope still tied around his neck.

Smollett asked the officers to stop recording video once be realized they were wearing body cameras.

Earlier this month, police released the 911 call made by the manager, was initially hesitant to tell police who the alleged victim was but did point out the person was famous.

"I just need the police to come by, I work for an artist, I don’t really want to say his name," the caller said.

The caller told the dispatcher that that victim was returning from Subway when "somebody jumped him or something like that."

During the call, the unidentified person told dispatchers, "I just think he’s startled … They put a noose around his neck ... They didn’t do anything with it, but it’s around his neck. That’s really f**ked up. Sorry for saying it like that."