‘Just Because You’re Black, Doesn’t Mean You’re That’: White Customer Threatens Violence, Calls Dollar General Employee the N-Word After She Reportedly Enters the Store at Closing

A viral video shows a woman threatening a Black employee and calling her the N-word during a heated exchange at a Dollar General Store.

The woman, who appears to be white, is arguing with the employee by the cash register. It’s unclear what sparked the confrontation, but the video caption says the woman came into the store a few minutes before closing.

Woman Threatens Dollar General Employee In Viral Video
A viral video shows a woman getting into a heated exchange with a Dollar General employee a few minutes before the store was set to close. (TikTok/ @nailsalon_comedy.us/ Screenshot)

“Just because you’re Black, doesn’t mean you’re that. F**k you,” the woman said before repeatedly calling her a b**ch.

At one point in the video, the woman requests to speak to her supervisor, and the employee says that she is the assistant manager at the store.


“If you don’t give me the manager’s name, I’ll get it tomorrow,” the woman said.

“You can,” the employee responded.

“Oh, yeah. What’s your f**king name, b**ch,” the woman said.

“Queenie,” the employee said.

“That ain’t your f**king name,” the woman said. She kept demanding that the employee ring her groceries up at the register but was turned away because of her behavior.

The video shows the woman continuing to use profane language and throw items behind the register. She then pushed her cart to the side and approached the employee face-to-face.

“You need your God damn face slapped off,” the woman said, yelling in the employee’s face.

“Do it. That’s all you got to do,” the employee replies as the two continue to throw around words.

“Slap it out for me. Touch me, baby,” the employee dares the woman. “All you got to do is slap me.”

“What you going to do?” the woman asked while raising her hand.

When she realized she was being recorded, the woman calmed down, saying she didn’t want to go to jail. She said she would be back the next day and that the employee would be “in trouble.”

“Have a blessed night, Love,” the employee said while directing her to the door. At that point, the woman called the employee the N-word before walking out of the establishment.

The employee then closed the sliding door in the woman’s face.

People in the comments championed the employee’s patience and said she handled the situation perfectly. Other people called the woman a “Karen.”

“That girl needs a raise and a paid for vacation,” one user said.

Another person chimed in: “The Assistant manager handled this situation well.”

The video, posted on @nailsalon_comedy.us, has nearly 300,000 views so far.