'It Just Can't Happen Again': Boxing Match Breaks Out At White Horse Beach In Plymouth

A boxing match was staged on White Horse Beach in Plymouth, attracting a couple hundred people, who were cheering and reveling in the fight.

Video Transcript

- Beach brawl in Plymouth that police believe may be part of a Fight Club. The video is shocking. Two men on the beach in Plymouth wearing boxing gloves throwing punches while a crowd cheers them on.

- And police say this isn't a one time thing. WBZ's Bill Shields is live for us in Plymouth tonight with more on this wild story. Bill.

BILL SHIELDS: Dave and Lisa, this is possibly not a one time thing. But according to the locals here at Whitehorse Beach in Plymouth, it goes to a bigger problem of a lack of civility, they say, of people not taking care of the beach anymore, and not having any respect or any regard for the people who live around here. The problem about the boxing match, there's no real law against it.

Today was the picture of serenity at Whitehorse Beach in Plymouth. A day many of us would cherish. But yesterday, call it mayhem if you want but a boxing match was staged that attracted a couple of hundred onlookers cheering and reveling in the fight.

CHIEF MIKE BOTIERI: That's the key. I mean, it's definitely behavior we want to discourage. And we don't want on the beach. We don't think that's appropriate for there. There's no specific line to site. You know, you could say they might be causing a disturbance if it disturbed other people.

But residents around Whitehorse Beach say civility in their neighborhood is starting to disintegrate. And it's not from the locals.

BETTY CAVACCO: It just wasn't pretty. And it just can't happen again. I can't have residents that are afraid to come out of their houses, that can't come and enjoy the beach that they pay property taxes for.

BILL SHIELDS: Locals say the past couple of summers have attracted a rowdy crowd to this family beach. And yesterday's fight reached new depths. Even some kids say they didn't think it was appropriate.

- If I was a family, I would never ever, ever come here. That was not family beach worthy. I know it's immature but.

- The fighting is just like adds to the chaos of how many people actually come here. And I can't imagine what July 3rd is going to be like.

BILL SHIELDS: The selectmen are having a meeting tomorrow night. And one of the proposals before them is going to be to raise parking fines here to $200. Right now, you pretty much have to have a resident sticker but the fine is only 50 bucks if you don't. They're going to increase that to $200 possibly and also start towing. Reporting live from Whitehorse Beach in Plymouth, I'm Bill Shields, WBZ News.