I Just Killed My Dad: The true-crime series you’ll want to add to your Netflix watchlist

Netflix is about to release a true-crime documentary that’s sure to become a word-of-mouth hit.

The streaming service has a history of shining the light on little-known stories that go on to disturb and horrify users of the streaming service.

Recently, Girl in the Picture, a film about a young mother whose tragic death was followed by the kidnapping of her son, shocked people so much that those who watched it issued warnings to prospective viewers.

The documentary’s director Skye Borgman is behind the brand new three-part series, which is called I Just Killed My Dad.

On Netflix, the synopsis reads: “Anthony Templet shot his father and never denied it. But why he did is a complex question with profound implications that go far beyond one family.”

Setting I Just Killed My Dad aside from the rest is that Templet himself is featured in the documentary as a talking head.

In the trailer, he can be heard saying: “I shouldn’t be charged with anything ‘cause I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Templet’s mysterious and troubled upbringing with his father, Bert, is hinted at in the trailer, which ends with the 911 call he made in 2019 that saw him confess to authorities: “I just killed my dad.”

Anthony Templet in new Netflix true-crime series ‘I Just Killed My Dad’ (Netflix)
Anthony Templet in new Netflix true-crime series ‘I Just Killed My Dad’ (Netflix)

I Just Killed My Dad will be available to stream on Netflix on 9 August.