IDK What I Thought Would Be Included In A Grammy Performer's Swag Bag, But It Wasn't This

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Recently, @giftbagsbyrachael — a TikTok account that documents some of the gift bags created by Rachael for popular red carpet events — gave us a sneak peak at the goodie bags all Grammy presenters and performers get for participating in the awards show. I’m gonna be honest y’all, I don’t know exactly what I was expecting to be inside them, but it wasn’t this.

First of all, it's not so much a ~bag~ as it is a giant suitcase:

  @giftbagsbyrachel / TikTok / Via

Now, it starts out with things you'd probably expect, like snacks and fancy skincare items:

  @giftbagsbyrachel / TikTok / Via

There's some random items that kinda fit the vibe, like this Bluetooth speaker:

This one is kinda music themed, so I'll let it slide.

It starts to get a bit more unexpected, with the inclusion of a bunch of toys:

OK! Alright! Listen, some of these people have kids! That's fair!

I'm gonna be honest, this specific shot is the one that lost me. I definitely thought these swag bags would be a lot fancier?? This is giving off a “sweet but very random bag of things my grandparents give me when I visit” kind of vibe:

  @giftbagsbyrachel / TikTok / Via

Like, let's break it down here. There's so many toys?? And why are there flip-flops??? I have since learned they are Swarovski crystal flip-flops, but that still seems like such a strange choice??

  @giftbagsbyrachel / TikTok / Via

Just to put this into perspective, celebrities like Harry Styles and Viola Davis are getting these. Mary J. Blige! Olivia Rodrigo! Even Jill Biden! I cannot imagine giving a single one of those people a suitcase with flip-flops or any of these things, TBH.

  Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic / Getty Images / Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for The Recording Academy / Via

Looking at the comments on TikTok, it seems like I’m not the only one a little confused here:

  @azakiah / TikTok / Via
  _heyholly / TikTok / Via
  @aachipman / TikTok / Via

I did a bit more digging on the rest of the goods included in the swag bags, and they were a bit more like what I expected, TBH. You know, fancy purses, wine, haircare products, etc.

  @giftbagsbyrachel / TikTok / Via

Some of the items included were also in support of charities, minority-owned businesses, and female-led businesses. For example, these luxury strollers, which celebrities could choose to keep for themselves or donate to mothers in need. According to NBC NY, the bags also include luxury custom jewelry, robotic pool cleaners, and a robotic dog.

  @giftbagsbyrachel / TikTok / Via

Well, there you have it! I admittedly am still a little confused by the combination of items here, but perhaps we'll see Lizzo cracking into those Mini Brands from her swag bag on TikTok tomorrow????

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You can watch the TikTok for yourself here: