And Just Like That viewers call out ‘tone deaf’ and ‘disgusting’ joke in episode that aired on Holocaust Memorial Day

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Viewers are appalled to see a Holocaust denier featured in an episode of And Just Like That, which was broadcast on Holocaust Memorial Day.

The penultimate episode of the Sex and the City reboot aired yesterday (27 January).

Fans, however, were disappointed by a “tone deaf” joke in the episode.

The scene in question sees Charlotte (Kristin Davis) welcoming Anthony (Mario Cantone) and his date Justin for dinner at her home.

After Charlotte introduces Anthony and Justin to her husband Harry (Evan Handler), she asks Harry to make them some drinks and take the Challah out of the oven.

Justin then comments: “Is this a Jewish dinner? You know the Holocaust is a hoax, right?”

Horrified at his comments, Anthony tells Justin to “get out” while Harry and Charlotte appear equally shocked by the remark.

Viewers took to Twitter to criticise the moment, pointing out that the episode also aired on Holocaust Memorial Day.

“Eeesh was that #Holocaust line really needed in this week’s episode for #AndJustLikeThat on #HolocaustRememberanceDay of all days! No!” wrote one person.

Another addressed the show’s writers, calling them out as “insensitive and tone deaf” for making “that Holocaust joke on today of all days”.

“Not And Just Like That airing an episode featuring a Holocaust denier on Holocaust Memorial Day!?” added someone else. “The tone was deaf.”

A fourth person wrote: “The entirety of And Just Like That has been a dumpster fire, but to make a Holocaust denial joke that airs today.... of all days... what was going on in that writers room.”

Another wrote: “Please condemn the writers of HBO show And Just Like That on today’s episode made fun of the Holocaust. #HolocaustRemembranceDay I’m DISGUSTED!”

And Just Like That was actually kind of sweet tonight, but that Holocaust joke was very very poorly timed,” said someone else.

The finale of And Just Like That airs next week on 3 February.

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