'Justice League' producer Deborah Snyder's focus on mental health

Producer Deborah Snyder says the fan-driven campaign for a new version of "Justice League" dovetailed with efforts by her and her husband, director Zack Snyder, to help others after their daughter's 2017 death. (March 17)

Video Transcript

- I had a dream.

DEBORAH SNYDER: After Autumn's death and we decided to make it public about her suicide, and we started to support AFSP, and you know, for us the decision was very intentional. And because we felt like we're public enough that we could make a statement because a lot of times mental health, there's such a stigma and people are afraid to talk about it or embarrassed, or you know, or if someone is struggling, they feel really alone and don't know who to turn to.

And through that journey with Autumn, we very many times felt the same way. It was important to do that, but when we saw the fans, that they embraced that and they started, every dollar they were raising for the cause they wanted, which was getting the Snyder cut made, they were creating awareness for mental health and suicide prevention, and they were raising money.

I mean, that, I think, touched us more than anything else, because at the end of the day, you know, Justice League is a movie. It means a lot, and the characters mean a lot to a lot of people, but, like, actually helping people or being able to, you know, especially with people that are struggling, to me, that means so much more.