Justin Bieber Gives Up His Favorite Beer After Revealing Allergy to Gluten

Justin Bieber is lucky the fall season just started because he will no longer be able to enjoy his favorite summertime brew.

"Worst news ever I'm officially allergic to gluten," Bieber revealed on Saturday night via his Instagram Story.


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He continued, "No more Coronas unless they make gluten free beer like this! Sad day."

JB was referencing the beer he was sipping on, a pale ale from Omission Brewing, which is specially brewed to remove gluten.

It may sound like a trendy brew, but Bieber admits the beer is "actually fire."

Since he turned 21, Bieber has regularly been seen enjoying an icy Corona during summer, especially when he's aboard a yacht.

It's unclear when he got the medical news about his allergy to gluten, but now that JB is a family man it's time to put his health first.

His health may be top of mind as the "I Don't Care" singer has been dropping lots of hints that he's ready for a Bieber baby.

Bieber recently commented on social media that he is "looking forward" to having kids with wife Hailey.

Since Justin and Hailey tied the knot a few weeks ago, they've been living a whirlwind life as newlyweds.

Aside from celebrating their nuptials with family and friends, they've already overcome the first car accident as husband and wife, and they may be looking for a new place to live.

Over the past few days, Bieber has been posting shots of his spacious home on Instagram and not-so-subtly alluding that he's ready to unload for the right offer.

Maybe the family man now wants a family house.