Justin and Emily Baldoni on finding hope after coronavirus

Justin & Emily Baldoni on finding hope after coronavirus

Video Transcript

JUSTIN BALDONI: My optimistic view of this whole time for the world is that we'll look back and we'll remember the moment that unified our planet, that helped us re-prioritize what mattered.

EMILY BALDONI: We really have been sent to our rooms to think about what we've done. And hopefully, we all learned a lot through this process, whatever we had to learn. And those lessons are going to be different for everyone.

JUSTIN BALDONI: And maybe for human beings, they can learn what we talked about earlier, which is we can all listen to the point where we not just hear but we actually act and make changes. And maybe this is the chance for humanity to come together and to really listen and then to wake up the next day and do something different. That's kind of how I hope we view this whole thing in 20 years, that we like did something different afterwards.

EMILY BALDONI: Overall, this has been a very reflective lesson and beautiful time for us to connect as a family.