Justin Fields’ Superpower and Kryptonite

As part of our comic book superhero series on the top 5 quarterback prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft, Yahoo Sports’ Lead NFL Draft Analyst Eric Edholm reveals the superpower and kryptonite of the Ohio State quarterback.

Video Transcript

- Franchise quarterbacks are the superheroes of the NFL. And in this year's draft, there are five first round QB prospects. Do they have the supernatural powers needed to lead their future teams to glory, or could their personal kryptonite prove to be an overwhelming obstacle? Yahoo Sports NFL draft mastermind Eric Edholm reveals their capabilities.

ERIC EDHOLM: Justin Fields has a superpower, and it is his physical ability. He may not be 6' 5" like your classic drop back passer. But his physical traits are pretty off the charts. It's that combination of running ability, escape ability, and arm talent that truly make him a superhuman prospect. He's just as capable of making a 50-yard pass as he is ripping off a 50-yard run.

His kryptonite, however, is his decision making, at least right now. Struggling to make the proper reads at times. And there just some curious decisions on tape in 2020. Three picks against Indiana, two more against Northwestern. And a lot of young quarterbacks have struggled with this coming out. And he has time to fix it. But NFL teams should be lining up to have Fields lead them into battle.