Justin Trudeau Says Trump Wants Troops At Canadian Border

Gus Saltonstall

This article originally appeared on the White House Patch

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed at a press conference on Thursday reports that the Trump administration is looking to temporarily plane troops near the U.S.-Canada border to stop illegal crossing during the new coronavirus crisis.

"Canada and the United States have the longest unmilitarized border in the world, and it is very much in both of our interests for it to remain that way," Trudeau told reporters Thursday. "We have been in discussions with the United States on this."

Canada's Global News reported that the said troops would be stationed approximately 18 miles from the border and would use remote sensors to flag border-crossers.

Additionally, the United States and Canada have already closed a large portion of the shared border in an effort to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

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