K-9 unit sniffs out chase suspect hiding under truck

A wild scene began along the Southwest Freeway, involving multiple suspects and more than one stolen vehicle.

Video Transcript

- Yeah, this is the end of the chase. Yes, if you'd like me to. That's fine. I'm talking to the station. All right.

This is over in Southwest Houston. Still a link in the loop. [? I see it, ?] thank you. You're fine. Stand by. Hello to the world. We're here on the South move, not too far from the Astrodome. These are the Eastbound lanes over here at Stella Link. And as you can see, police are on the scene. There is the car the chase suspect was in.

This chase started over not too far from Channel 13 near the Kirby and Southwest Freeway location, came around the West Loop through Bel Air exited here, crashed into a sign, and that was the end of that. Now, while we were on station here, we did notice that police were all around this red car right around the corner on Lemac and Stella Link. Not sure what's going on over here but, we'll keep an eye on this and report any changes to you. But police seem to be on the ground on foot in this area, maybe looking for one of the suspects in one of these cars. Reporting live from sky, Don Armstrong, ABC 13 Eyewitness News.

Yeah, I saw that. We've got a big [? skid ?] there, Mike. We need to go over here to your 3 o'clock, Mike. Yes, sir.

Yes, sir. You're watching this, Jason? All right. I'm working on coming around. We've got other helicopters up here, so we're a little strapped.

Under the car. Under the car. Under the car. He's under the car. The dogs got-- got a hold of him. There he is.

That's right, and as a matter of fact, a police dog caught this suspect that was hiding underneath the car. Kept watching the dog, and the dog caught the scent and was all around that car, and then actually dove underneath the car and out comes the suspect. And there he is right there. He is going to the back of a police vehicle here.

Now, we don't know what the charges are. We don't know whether, really, this is even related to the chase that ended just up the Freeway here, around the block Stella Link and the 610 South loop. Because there's a red car also in this vicinity, too, that the police seem to have stopped, as well, we're going to keep an eye on this and give you more as we get it. Reporting live from sky, Don Armstrong, ABC 13 Eyewitness News.

[? Skid. ?] All right. [? Roll. ?]