K-State elects new student body elects new president, VP

AJ Dome, The Manhattan Mercury, Kan.
·1 min read

Mar. 12—K-State students elected a new president and vice president Wednesday.

Michael Dowd and Cameron Koger won the majority vote in the Student Governing Association election, with Dowd becoming president and Koger taking the VP position. Dowd is a junior in the College of Agriculture, while Koger is a junior in the College of Business. They won the election with 1,517 votes, or 64%, beating incumbent president Vedant Kulkarni and VP Maggie Billman. Kulkarni and Billman received 36% of the vote, or 850 votes out of 2,367 total.

"The amount of voting (for the general election) wasn't that far off of what we normally get for the number of votes in the primary," said SGA Elections Commissioner Trey Kuhlmann said. "It would lead me to infer that our candidates are making good exposure to people on campus to go out and vote, even during COVID."

The president and vice-president will be inducted officially on April 1 and will remain in office for a year.