Kadeem Hardison Thinks Jack Harlow Is Perfect For ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ Reboot

Actor Kadeem Hardison has opened up about the forthcoming White Men Can’t Jump reboot, saying that he believes Jack Harlow would be perfect for the role of Billy Hoyle — originally played by Woody Harrelson.

The A Different World actor believes that the “First Class” artist could bring a “different flair” to the new project, being that “he plays ball and raps,” he told TMZ.

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As an original star from the 1992 film, Hardison also mentioned who could play him in the flick, believing actor RJ Cyler could possibly play his character, Junior.

The 57-year-old deemed Cyler the “lightning with the blam blams” guy from Netflix’s The Harder They Fall.

Hardison did go on to say that his only hesitation in regards to the reboot is that it may be missing its original writer and director, Ron Shelton, which has yet to be confirmed. However, he says that he’s “waiting to see how it turns out.”

Hardison recently sat with TV ONE to discuss another iconic on-screen effort of his, dissecting the A Different World wedding scene where his character, Dwayne Wayne, crashed ex Whitley’s wedding.

He told the outlet, “I had a lot of anxiety. And I’m not an anxious guy by any means,” adding that he actually got lost in his lines and felt like he was drowning.

Jasmine Guy joins him in the interview, in which she responded, “The viewers in attendance were screaming with excitement while watching it all go down.”

Dwayne’s “BABY PLEASE!” is deemed one of the most iconic cues in the sitcom’s history.

Check out Hardison’s comments on White Men Can’t Jump above.

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