Kahului restaurant with roach infestation shut down

Nov. 4—Siu's Chinese Kitchen in Kahului has been shut down by the state Department of Health because of a troubling cockroach infestation.

The department conducted an inspection at the restaurant Thursday after receiving an anonymous complaint.

"Live roaches were present on the food buffet line, in food, on food contact surfaces, serving utensils, equipment, and walls. Roach egg casings and dead roaches were also observed on or around food contact surfaces. Food containers were left open for pest entry and grease build-up and debris were evident," the health department said in a press release.

The health department shut down the restaurant immediately and a followup inspection is scheduled for Monday. Meantime, in a press release the department outlined in the press release the following corrective actions before the restaurant can reopen:

>>Eradicate the current roach population;

>>Provide a pest control treatment and monitoring program and professional pest control treatment invoices;

>>Clean and remove dead roaches, egg cases, food debris and grease build up;

>>Seal or cover holes and openings that allow pests to enter;

>>Remove clutter in the kitchen, storage, and restroom areas; and

>>Discard broken storage containers, and properly cover dry food.

The shutdown was the second Kahului restaurant closed by the health department on Thursday.

A red placard was issued to Jacky's Macau Café due to a lack of proper refrigeration, the health department said.

Jacky's must remain closed until all the violations are resolved and it passes inspection.

The violations were discovered during a routine inspection Thursday and include: refrigerators at unsafe temperatures; non-accessible sink for hand-washing; and no equipment sanitizing solution on site.

"An unapproved live animal" was also found at the restaurant.

The follow-up inspection is scheduled for Monday.