Kaley Cuoco says Sharon Stone slap in The Flight Attendant season 2 was unplanned: ‘Came outta nowhere... I was in shock’

Kaley Cuoco has revealed that Sharon Stone surprised her with a slap to the face while filming The Flight Attendant.

The actor, who also serves as an executive producer on the comedy-thriller series, plays airline worker Cassie Bowden.

In the first season, she was preoccupied with solving the murder of a passenger she’d had a fling with while dealing with alcohol addiction.

With the show’s second run due to air later this month, Cuoco has shared some of the behind the scenes work that brought the story to life.

With Stone joining the cast as Cassie’s mother for the new season, Cuoco revealed that a scene where the Basic Instinct actor slaps her in the face was completely improvised.

“That slap? Not written in the script…. That was a Sharon Stone speciality!” she said in a conversation with TVLine.

“Came outta nowhere, that was a true reaction. I was in shock, which is exactly what we used.”

Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant (HBO (Photograph by Colin Hutton))
Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant (HBO (Photograph by Colin Hutton))

Cuoco went on to explain that Stone immediately rushed up to her to tell her that she loves her and to ask if she was OK, to which she responded: “Yes, Sharon Stone, you may do whatever you want to.”

Remembering the moment, she added: “That was a wild experience, and it ended up being actually kinda perfect for the scene.”

The Flight Attendant’s second season will show Cassie attempting sobriety after moving from New York to LA, as well as moonlighting as a CIA asset in her spare time.