Kalush Orchestra performs at MTV Europe Music Awards

Kalush Orchestra
Kalush Orchestra

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The musicians posed on the red carpet and performed their winning song “Stefania” on the main stage.

Before the performance, the members of the Kalush Orchestra announced that they wanted to be “cultural soldiers” of Ukraine.

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“There is a war going on now, and culture is one of our weapons, so today we are soldiers who represent the culture of Ukraine,” band leader and vocalist Oleh Psyuk said.

He added that they were “very grateful to Great Britain for their help in solving this situation.”

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The United Kingdom took over the right to host next year’s Eurovision after there were concerns over the security situation in Ukraine. The competition will be hosted in the English city of Liverpool.

Asked if the Kalush Orchestra would perform in Liverpool, Psyuk said that he “doesn't know for sure” but would be happy if the group were asked to be “special guests” at the competition.

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