Kamala Harris Blasts ‘Predator’ Trump to Jimmy Kimmel for Racist Attacks on Ilhan Omar and ‘The Squad’

By matt.wilstein@thedailybeast.com (Matt Wilstein)

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week with a lot more juice than she had the last time she stopped by the show back in March

“Of the four leading candidates for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president, our first guest is the only one young enough to have listened to Offset and Cardi B on purpose,” Jimmy Kimmel said in his introduction, referring to two of his other guests on the show. As the host began to tout her “surge” in the polls, Harris insisted that she doesn’t pay attention to the numbers.

“The only poll that matters to me is on Election Day,” the senator said. From her earliest days running for district attorney in California, Harris said she decided she would “pay attention to the voters and the people and leave it to the consultants to pay attention to the polls.” 

Kimmel joked, “I think you broke two of Joe Biden’s ribs at the debate, are you aware of that? Do you have any regret of going in so hard on him?”

“You know, I felt strongly that we needed to have a full discussion about that era in our country. And it was a discussion that had been occurring for probably about two weeks before the debate. And I felt the need to be sure that we are reflecting true history as it relates to integration of the schools and the need to force integration because there were so many states that were adamant against allowing the children of all races to be educated together.”

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“And I’ll tell you, Jimmy, I have had so many people come up to me and almost whisper, like it’s a secret among us—black and white—‘I was bused,’ since that debate.” She called it “an important reminder that we have to always remember our history and the last chapter if we’re going to accurately and correctly write the next chapter.” 

Asked if there’s a “danger that the Democrats will cannibalize and really hurt each other” going into the general election, Harris replied, “I hope not. And I think that most of us are of like mind, that this should be, on that debate stage, a debate about issues but not personal attacks. It should be about, you know, pointing out the differences, obviously, between us so that Democrats can make a decision, but it should not be about cannibalizing anybody.” 

“If you get to the point where you are debating Trump, will you engage in personal attacks?” Kimmel asked. “I hope the answer is yes.” As she has done before, Harris only promised to “prosecute the case” against the sitting president.

Since Trump “barely mentioned” her at his rally Wednesday night—instead choosing to continue attacking the four freshmen congresswomen known as “The Squad”—Kimmel suggested that the president is “scared” of her. “Why do you think he’s focusing on these congresswomen so much?” he asked.

“I think that he has defiled the office of the president of the United States,” Harris said, adding that he used the power of his office to “beat people down instead of what real power and strength is about, which is lifting people up, and that’s why I also call him a coward.” 

Comparing Trump to the type of “predators” that she used to prosecute, Harris said that “by their very nature and character and instinct, they prey on the vulnerable, they prey on those they believe to be weak, they prey on those who are in need of help and often desperate in need of help. And this is the kind of characteristic that we see in this president.”

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