Kamala Harris gets Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Tuesday received her first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine before live television cameras as part of a growing effort to convince the US public the inoculations are safe. (Dec. 29)

Video Transcript



KAMALA HARRIS: That was easy! Thank you.

- It's not hurting.

KAMALA HARRIS: I just barely felt it.

- Oh, really?

KAMALA HARRIS: I barely felt it.

- Awesome. I will put [INAUDIBLE]. And we are all set.


- Awesome.

KAMALA HARRIS: Thank you. I appreciate it.

- Thank you.



KAMALA HARRIS: Well, I want to thank United Medical Center for the work that you do in southeast DC serving a community that is often overlooked. So it is good to be here. And I have now been vaccinated.

As Joe likes to say, there's a big difference between the vaccine and vaccinations. I want to encourage everyone to get the vaccine. It is relatively painless.

It happens really quickly. It is safe. The Moderna, the Pfizer-- today, I had the Moderna vaccine. My husband is going to have it today as well.

I look forward to getting the second vaccine. And literally, this is about saving lives. It's literally about saving lives.

I trust the scientists. And it is the scientists who created and approved this vaccine. So I urge everyone, when it is your turn, get vaccinated. It's about saving your life, the life of your family members, and the life of your community.