Kamala Harris and husband donate to Toys for Tots

Vice President-elect Kamala and husband Doug Emhoff visit Washington DC fire station number one to drop off toys as the station serves as one of the Toys for Tots drop-off locations in the nation's capital. (Dec. 23)

Video Transcript

KAMALA HARRIS: You know, I think that we definitely need to get relief. And, I mean, the challenge was, as even the speaker said, they didn't get any feedback from the president. I know that Democrats certainly wanted to get more relief than the $600.

And, you know, people are hurting right now. They're hurting. And we need to get the relief to them immediately, and the one thing you should not be doing is after the work went into the bill holding up when, by the end of the month, people are going to-- their benefits are going to end.

You know, the governor made his decision. I know Alex Padilla. I've worked with him in the past. He is an outstanding public servant. There were many names on that list who are really exceptional. And I have congratulated Alex Padilla, and I think he'll do a great job.