Kamala Harris’ Indian uncle remembers her childhood

Harris's maternal uncle, Gopalan Balachandran, who lives in south Delhi said he was happy to hear her mention her mother as she made her first speech as the Vice President of the United States.

He plans to visit her as soon as he can get vaccinated for coronavirus, he added.

Harris was born in California to an Indian mother and a Jamaican father who both immigrated to the United States to study. She visited Thulasendrapuram, her ancestral village in India, when she was five.

Video Transcript

GOPALAN BALACHANDRAN: She's a good speaker. So that I was not-- she didn't throw any surprise. She mentioned her mother, as he often does, which I was happy about that.

My first impression of Kamala was when she was about three years old, I think, when I was studying in London. And Shyamala and Don came with Kamala and we went to the Kew Gardens, and she was running all over the place, because Kew Gardens is a [? damn ?] good botanical garden, and it has a lot of flowers and everything like that. Keeping track of her. I remember that sort of stuff, OK?

As soon as I get my vaccination, I'll make plans to go.

- Oh, OK.

GOPALAN BALACHANDRAN: So it all depends on that.